How to textbox validation for currency in c#

The code I have written here will be usefull to validate the currency format.
 That means It will not take '.' value at the start of the textbox. The textbox will allow only two digits after the '.' value and only allows numeric values. Try it for validating money and percentages.

     TextBox tbprice = sender as TextBox;

How to check Duplicate values from Database C#.Net

TextBox Validation for Duplicates in DataBase:
    This validation will be help full to you when you are checking the duplicate values from database.
Case: If there is a field, where duplicate values are not allowed into database. In this case you can know the value when you click the Save button to the database. In that case if you write this validation to the textbox_Validating event , it will set the error provider when you leave the perticuler field on the user interface.So by using of this validation, you will know imidiately about the duplicate values from database.

How to verifying Login details c#.Net

Verifying username and password:
  In the windows or web applications verifying user login details is an important validation. With this only we can allow the user authentication for entering into the Application. For thal you have to write the code to authenticate the username and password which are allready contains in the database.

Access OleDb Connection string without Data Source Path C#.Net

OleDbConnection String without Data Source Path:
    In .Net application one of the main problem is Data Provider Path. We actually write the connection string in access OleDb Database as
OleDbConnection cn = new OleDbConnection(@"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=D:\WORK AREA\Thalassemia\Data\thalsemia.accdb");
 This way only we are using the connection to execute the application.But the problem with this connection string is the database must be in the same path as we write in the Data Source as "D:\WORK AREA\Thalassemia\Data\thalsemia.accdb".

AP Board of Intermediate Education Exam Notification 2013,AP Intermediate Education Timetable 2013

AP Board of Intermediate Education Exam Notificaion 2013:
The examination notification of Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education for 1st and 2nd year students will be availabe on The AP Intermediate Education timetable notification will may release on January 2013.All the AP Board of Intermediate examinations will be conducteb by the AP Board onlt. The official website for AP Intermediate education is bieap.In that Official website students will get the more information about Exam time table 2013 and Exam notification 2013.As

AP SSC Exam Notification March 2013,AP SSC 10th class Exam Timetable March 2013,AP SSC Fee Details March 2013

Andhra Pradesh  Secondary School Certificate (APSSC):
Andhra Pradesh  Secondary School Certificate is going to conduct the Examination on March 2013. The exam date of the APSSC 2013 will be announced soon.The Time of Exams is Scheduled at 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM. The exam will be conducted for 2:30mins.The 11 exams will be conducted as per the scheduled bellow. The sequence of the exams will be in the format. The APSSC Exam Dates,APSSC Exam Timetable and APSSC Exam notification will be release.

How to update DataGridView into Databae

  DataGridView control is the most important and high features and little tipycal control in C#.Net.The DataGridView control will be like a ecell datasheet. So if u want to use this control you have to maintain all the cells in the datasheet. Here the control having Rows and Columns. These rows and columns must maintain carefully.
            To update the DataGridView control with the DataAdapter is an easy thing. To do that you have to maintain some little steps here. Those this must be maintain some steps while writing the code, then only you will update the datagridview successfully to the database.

Palamuru University UG and PG Academic Fee Notification 2012-13

Palamuru Univercity:
   Palamuru Univercity has anounced the Fee details Notification for the Academic year of 2012-13.
For this Acamic year the fee details of UG and PG cources has been anounced on 17/Nov/2012.